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The Crylon Gel Caps


Tracey Penguin Cold Cap
Penguin Cold Caps are the Original Cold Cap Company. They have been extensively tried and tested and are the only Cold Cap, when used in conjunction with our Therapy Systems, that have been proven to obtain results with practically all chemotherapy drug regimens and protocols.

When we developed our unique caps for use during cold cap therapy treatments, we took many things into account, such as:

  • They must be a comfortable shape to wear;
  • They must easily adapt to fit all head sizes and shapes;
  • They must suitably cover the hair line;
  • They must be filled with a malleable substance;
  • The shape, when combined with the filling, must not leave any areas less covered by the correct density of cold retaining gel;
  • They must be hypoallergenic;
  • They must be cleanable and able to be disinfected;
  • They must be hospital grade materials;
  • They must allow correct conductivity of cold to the head without the use of a conductor liquid such as gel or water;
  • Fabric must remain pliable and not go brittle in -32c freezing temperatures;
  • Filling must remain malleable at -32c freezing temperature;
  • All components must be durable for repetitive usage;
  • Construction must be appropriate for use &
  • Must be non-toxic and certified by the FDA.


We thoroughly researched all these areas until the correct fabrics were sourced and tested to create the outer and inner shell of the cap. The shape was then formulated and adjusted until the coverage of any head using the cap was correct and fit for purpose. The filling was meticulously developed to remain malleable and retain the correct consistency in freezing temperatures, (this is our own formula ‘Crylon Gel’) and finally, by using radio frequency welding to seal all compartments and edges, and construction of the cap was complete.

slice of cold cap

Our caps can be applied in as little as 10-15 seconds.

No scalp preparation is necessary; this means that there is no need to wet the hair or bandage the Cap in place.

The patented flat design cleverly allows an even cooling of the scalp with the inclusion of extra Crylon gel to cover the hot spots produced at the branches of the occipital arteries.

The materials used are non-porous and the compartments holding the Crylon gel are radio frequency welded (not sewn), most important in preventing the risk of Pathogens being transferred from patient to patient.

All materials used in the manufacture of our Penguin Cold Caps are approved by the FDA in the USA.