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Order Procedure

The original cold cap

The Penguin Crylon Gel Cold Caps are available to rent worldwide. We offer our service and support directly to you or the individual user.

Our clients seek help and further information by speaking to one of our experienced Representatives before choosing to use our Cold Cap Therapy System.

Our caring and compassionate Representatives are also happy to support you throughout your Penguin Cold Cap rental and treatment.

To Order

To order our Caps, simply click on Order Now

For your security, you will need to create a ‘Login’ to enter our secure website ordering pages.

Once you have created your secure Login, you may sign in at any time to add or amend your order form details before final submission and payment of your order.

Completing the Order Form

It is essential to answer all the questions in our simple step-by-step order form.

This information is necessary for us to assess and determine your individual requirements to prescribe your personalised schedule of use when using the Penguin Cold Caps.

Confirmation will be required; that you have read, understood and agree to our Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions and our Disclaimer. (To view our Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer please click on the relevant links at the bottom of the page)


The Hirer is responsible for all shipping costs, paid directly to the Shipping Agent.
You will need to set up a shipping account with FedEx or UPS for example and inform us of these details before final submission of your order.

The Shipping Agent used must have A Digital Tracking Number Facility.

Your shipping costs will vary in accordance with the Shipping Agents charges, delivery distance and the shipping method used (eg; overland, by air, overnight).

  • In a small number of incidences, obtaining and returning our rental equipment by other means may have been arranged with a Company Representative prior to completing the order form.



Once you have completed and submitted your order form, you will be directed to our secure payment gateway to pay your first Equipment Rental charge and Equipment Rental Security Deposit.

To prevent any payment delays relating to your order please be aware:

  • Recurring payments and deposits for Penguin Cold Caps are collected by our parent company Medical Specialties of California (UK) Limited. Card Issuers may delay payments to foreign destinations or amounts above a pre-agreed limit.

Please check and instruct your card issuer to pre-approve the first month rent and the deposit fee, before proceeding with your payment. Thank You.

We will authorise our depot to commence the shipping of your order when:

  1. the first equipment rental charge and security deposit payments have cleared.
  2. when we are in receipt of your shipping agent account details.

Every effort will be made to the best of our ability to ensure you are in receipt of the Rental Equipment before your first chemotherapy infusion date.

Rental Equipment orders can be subject to stock availability and an appropriate pick-up and delivery slot by the Shipping Agent.

Returning the Equipment.

Instructions about how to return the Equipment can be found in our Support Literature sent along with your Rental Equipment order. Additionally, when you wish to return the Equipment simply email requesting the returns instruction.