Doctors’ Testimonials

The original cold cap

Dr Richard E. Lloyd. MD


Uncertainty re the efficacy of the Penguin Cold Cap was immediately dispelled when my first treated patient returned 3 weeks post high dose taxotere with her hair intact, with continued success through 5 additional therapy cycles. Similar success has been seen in subsequent patients receiving highly alopecic therapy with taxanes and anthracyclines. The procedure has been very well tolerated and has been carried out by the patient and family/friends. It has been received with great enthusiasm by patients with a striking impact on self esteem and acceptance of therapy. It's an important advance in making the chemotherapy experience a more humane process!


Dr Parvin F. Peddi. MD


I find Penguin Cold Caps to be a very useful resource. Hair loss is an unfortunate side effect of most chemotherapies and can be especially hard on women with young children but it's not easy for anyone. I discuss with patients that some hair loss is to be expected even with the cold caps but most are able to keep their hair while complete hair loss is almost guaranteed otherwise.


Dr Young Lee

Hello Frank,

Hope this letter finds you well.

I wanted to let you know that another patient has just completed her chemotherapy for breast cancer without losing her hair thanks to your innovative caps. She is only 38 years of age and has 2 young daughters. The positive psychological impact of avoiding complete her loss and not appearing sick in front of her children was priceless.

I continue to strive to find a way to extend this wonderful treatment option for women who cannot afford the rental. I have set up a Donor-Restricted Fund through a local non-profit organization to initiate a formal fund raising campaign to help the underprivileged. The official name of the fund is "The Red Devils Caps of Love", benefitting our Hospital's breast cancer patients.

This is one of several TV programs reporting the greatness of Penguin cold caps: