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Success Rates

You too can succeed with Penguin Cold Caps

On average, users of Penguin Cold Caps retained an impressive 60% to 90% of their hair.

When it comes to minimizing  hair loss, success does come down to a number of key factors. These include ensuring the caps are properly fitted, wearing them for the recommended duration, and caring for your hair during and after your cold cap treatment.

But if you follow your Penguin reps’ instructions closely, you too can successfully minimize hair loss.

Evidence of success

Numerous clinical trials have been conducted worldwide using Penguin Cold Caps:

  • Weill Cornell Breast Center
    Reported an excellent outcome for 65% of patients who retained more than 75% of their hair.

  • Providence St Joseph Health
    Reported an 80% success rate

  • The Turkish Journal of Oncology
    Reported that 78.5% of patients experienced no significant hair loss.

  • Breast Cancer Research and Treatment
    Revealed that patients who used Penguin Cold Caps reported an overall satisfaction level of between 74% and 100%

  • University Hospital in Ioannina, Greece
    Reported that Penguin Cold Caps achieved overall hair loss protection of 81%


*50% or more hair retention (which is the industry standard).

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Benefits of manual capping system

Penguin Cold Caps is a manual capping system. This means this caps need to be cooled in a bio-medical freezer or with dry ice in one of our specially designed Penguin cool boxes before use. They are changed every 20-25 minutes. But it also means you are free to walk about, visit the bathroom and continue wearing the caps when they leave the clinic.

This is important because you must follow the prescribed time to wear our cold caps. Removing the cap too soon can undo all your good work, allowing your hair follicles to warm up way too soon.

Manual capping also gives you a much closer cap fit than machine-based systems. This means every part of your scalp is in contact with the cooling gel to ensuring your scalp maintains the optimum temperature. Patients using the machines often report bald patches appearing where parts of the scalp  have not been sufficiently cooled.

Penguin Cold Caps

  • Best result
  • Free to walk about
  • Most customisable cap
  • Cold cap at home
  • Dry Hair
  • Visit the bathoom
  • Can leave the clinic anytime
  • Purchase Dry Ice
  • Changing Cap every 25 mins

Machine Cooling

  • Best result
  • Free to walk about
  • Most customisable cap
  • Cold cap at home
  • Wet Hair
  • Visit the bathoom
  • Can leave the clinic anytime
  • Purchase Dry Ice
  • Changing Cap every 25 mins

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Cap design

While there are other manual cold caps providers, that use “off the shelf caps” that are not specifically designed for cold cap therapy.

Penguin Cold Caps have been carefully constructed using materials with exceptional thermal insulation properties, so they stay at the correct temperature for longer. This means patients don’t have the hassle of having to change the caps as often, making the system far simpler and easier to manage. Just imagine having to juggle 3 or more caps in a cooler and then remember which one you used first.
– These are the reason why we only supply 3 caps in each kit.

The hairline is an area of the scalp that be difficult to cool and as a result it can be prone to additional hair loss. To counter the problem, Penguin is the only cold cap company to provide a Crylon gel filled headband that enables patients to secure the back and sides of the cap tightly to the head, ensuring protection for the entire scalp.

Other providers are unable to achieve the results we do.

I felt that I had created a bubble around myself to stay positive. But that bubble was fragile and looking normal helped me to keep it in place. Penguin Cold Caps are colder and fit closer to your head, which is why they work. If you want to keep your hair, use Penguin.

Did you know that 75% of our reps have used Penguin Cold Caps during their own journeys

Will it work?

Many patients are told by their care provider that Cold Caps won’t work – but that is not always true. Many patients using Penguin Cold Caps have achieved great success. As long as you follow your reps advice, there is no reason why you should not be able to try it.

Bronwen claimed to saved 90% of her hair with Penguin Cold Caps.

She said. “I would 100% recommend cold capping to anyone else. Saving my hair has had a huge positive impact on my journey. It has helped me to keep my identity. I’ve continued to work throughout my cold cap treatment, and it’s given me the strength to continue every day. For these reasons,  if you can save your hair…then why not!”




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Your Penguin Rep

The relationship you have with your Penguin rep is a very important factor in your success.

Your rep is there to help you through this journey. They know exactly what that feels like because 75% of them have been where you are now.

They will create a personalized cold capping schedule based on your hair type and other health factors. They will help you prepare for your treatment, offer full training, provide haircare advice, and be on hand to support you before, during and after your cold cap treatment.

They want you to succeed and will do everything they can to ensure that happens.



Although the cold can be uncomfortable, the process does get easier with each session, and I soon got used to the coldness. Ultimately, it is bearable and well worth the effort. I was able to cover any thinning spots with a retro-style turban headband. Nobody notices unless I tell them.

– Lulu