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Dry Ice Finder

If your treatment clinic does not have a bio-medical freezer that you can use, you will need to purchase dry-ice locally to cool the caps.

To find your local provider, use our Dry Ice Finder.

Alternatively, ask your Penguin rep. They will also advise you on how much and in what form you need the ice delivered.

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Insurance Reimbursement

Cold Cap therapy does not generally fall within the parameters of a standard insurance claim. You need to assume that you will have to cover the cost of your own treatment.

However this is changing. Some providers may pay a percentage of the overall cost to hire the caps. Contact your insurer directly to find out about their policy and whether you can make a claim.
Check the guide below to find out if your insurer is one that’s known to pay out.

I wasn’t prepared! – losing my hair was my greatest fear,

– Liesl

Hair Care Guide

The way you manage your hair before and during cold capping can make the difference between success and failure.

Your hair follicles will weaken, even when cold capping, so you must follow the Penguin Cold Cap Hair Care Guide.

When your Kit is shipped out you will receive this via email.


After Care Guide

You’ve saved your hair, but how long before you can get back to your normal routine?

We know you want to get back to normal, but your hair will still be weakened and needs to be managed carefully over the next few months.

When your Kit is shipped out you will receive this via email.


Receiving my diagnosis and then having to deal with the treatment is bad enough, but going bald on top of that was too much. It was essential for me to maintain my self-image and feel like myself during such a difficult time.

– Meg


Financial Support

Depending on your personal circumstances and location, there are a number or organisations that may be able to help fund the cost of your Cold Cap therapy. You will need to approach them directly to see whether you qualify.

Hair to Stay – Nationwide ( USA)

A non-profit organization that offers grants to offset the expense of scalp cooling systems for  patients being treated in the United States.

Cap & Conquer – Michigan (USA)

A non-profit organization that provides need-based financial support to patients in Southeast Michigan who choose to use scalp cooling therapy to try to minimize  hair loss.

Cold Capital Fund – DC, Maryland, Virginia (USA)

A non-profit organization providing financial assistance to patients in DC, Maryland and Virginia who want to minimize hair loss through scalp cooling.

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