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Where to buy dry ice?

How much does it cost?

Penguin Cold Cap customers receive an exclusive discounted price from Linde. Your Penguin rep will be able to give you details of the Linde facility in your area, along with our customer account number which you’ll need when placing an order to receive the discount.

If Linde is unable to supply in your area, the cost from other suppliers will vary. So, if there is more than one supplier in your area, it’s worth getting a few quote comparisons.

We suggest you inform the supplier that you’re ordering dry ice to use for cold capping – some locations may offer you a discount.


Is Penguin Cold Caps affiliated with Dry Ice Locator suppliers?

No, Penguin is not affiliated with any companies listed in the Dry Ice Locator. This list contains over 600 suppliers based on recommendations from local Penguin Cold Cap reps and customers.

If you’re struggling, call your Penguin Cold Cap rep, who will be able to help.


Do I need to order in advance?

Some suppliers do not hold dry ice in stock, in which case you will need to order it in. Contact suppliers in advance of your treatment to find out whether you need to place an order for collection or delivery.


There’s no supplier in my area!?

If there are no suppliers in your immediate area, try increasing the radius of your search around your home and the clinic – many providers will deliver.

It’s impossible for us to list all US or global suppliers in the dry ice locator, so if you can’t find a supplier in your area, try searching online using the terms:

  • dry ice cleaning near to me
  • dry ice blasting near to me
  • dry ice near to me
  • cold capping dry ice near to me

Or ask your local grocery or ice cream parlor if they can help – they may be able to arrange to order it in for you.

If you find a good supplier, please let us know at We’ll add their details to our Dry Ice Locator.

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Guide to dry ice

What is dry ice?

Dry ice is effectively frozen carbon dioxide (CO2), not frozen water. It’s manufactured by pressurizing and cooling carbon dioxide gas. This means that when it melts (sublimates), it turns into a gas, not a liquid. So nothing gets wet!


How cold is dry ice?

Dry ice is colder than ice, with a surface temperature of about -78.5°C (-109.3°F). Dry ice can cause frostbite if it comes into contact with your skin. Penguin Cold Caps supply a pair of protective gloves to wear when handling the dry ice.

How long does dry ice last?

The time dry ice takes to melt (or sublimate) depends on how it is stored. The Penguin Cold Caps insulated cooler is designed to maintain the dry ice at the optimal temperature to cool the cold caps for the duration of your session.

How do I dispose of dry ice?

The best way to dispose of dry ice is to leave the lid off the Penguin Cold Cap cooler in a well-ventilated room and simply wait for it to sublimate into gas. Don’t try to flush it down a sink or toilet, as the expanding gas can cause your pipes to burst.

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