Penguin Cold Cap Therapy

The original inventors of modern cold cap therapy.

Over 20 years proven track record of success − outstanding results on the strongest regimens.

Fully portable system − lengthy treatments can be completed in the comfort of your home.

Fast shipping − for time sensitive requirements.

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What is
Cold Cap Therapy?

Cold Cap Therapy is a drug free and non-invasive technique of scalp cooling, proven to be successful in minimising hair loss, reducing minor injury oedema (swelling) and when used as part of a healthy lifestyle may help to relieve the impact of migraine or headache symptoms and other trichology conditions.

Cold Cap Therapy involves applying specially designed caps onto the head to cool the scalp, maintaining the correct optimum temperature for a period of time dependent on each individual and their treatment specifics.

Penguin are the original innovators of modern Cold Cap Therapy Systems and are renowned and trusted dramatically minimizing hair loss.

Used worldwide for over 20 years, Penguin supply premium scalp cooling products with expert knowledge so you can feel confident in obtaining superior, unrivalled results.


No matter your nationality, gender, age or hair type, you can have confidence that Penguin Cold Caps will achieve positive results for you.

A personalized service provided by friendly, caring and experienced representatives is testament to why 95% of clients say they would use Penguin again.

How does
it Work?

  • Penguin’s specially designed gel filled caps are cooled to an optimum temperature, comfortably and snugly fitted to the head and worn for a period of time dependent on each individual and their treatment specifics.
  • Cooling of the scalp causes the hair follicles and surrounding cells to enter into a hibernated state, a process very effective in dramatically minimizing hair loss.
  • Cold temperatures also cause blood vessels to constrict (vasoconstriction), analgesia, which inhibits the ability to feel pain and a decrease in metabolic and enzymatic activity, all highly effective in relieving head pain.

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Why choose
Penguin Cold Caps

  • Penguin Cold Caps have been tried and tested around the world with proven outstanding results and have received nationwide media coverage since 2005.
  • Doctors and Healthcare professionals who have recommended the use of Cold Cap Therapy for many years consider Penguin Cold Caps as their preferred No. 1 provider.
  • Penguin Cold Caps are available internationally so wherever you are you can benefit from the Penguin Cold Cap treatment and service.
  • Our clients’ well being is at the heart of everything we do. You will benefit from ongoing personalized support from people who will listen to your needs, offer guidance and advice and help you make the right choices.
  • Penguin’s revolutionary Caps use unique Crylon gel formula, specifically created to maintain cold temperatures for much longer periods of time than other cooling gels and foams.
  • Penguin Cold caps are robust yet soft and malleable at extremely cold temperatures. They contour comfortably to the shape of any head to give outstanding results.
  • When using Penguin’s multi-cap therapy system, your mobility is not restricted. You are not attached to a machine and are free to move around, so unlike other systems, taking necessary breaks does not impede the constant cold temperature required for best results.
  • Our multi-cap cold therapy system is fully portable and provides the freedom to start and finish your cold cap therapy in the comfort of your own home or while travelling to and from your treatment center.
  • Unlike inferior products on the market, no scalp preparation is required before use. Your hair remains dry throughout the application and there is no need to cut your hair beforehand.
  • Penguin offer you the convenience of choosing from a selection of shipping options, including next day delivery for those in a time critical situation. The equipment is shipped directly to your chosen delivery address.
  • Penguin is the original Cold Cap Therapy company that achieves the best results, so why look elsewhere?

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What is the cost of renting the Penguin Cold Caps system?

“Price Reduction”

From 1st August 2019 we are reducing our price.
Our new price is $449 per month for new orders, down from $495.

Penguin Cold Cap Kits are available to rent for $449 per month. There is a minimum rental period of one month. Payments are required by monthly instalments in advance. Any excess rental paid will be refunded on a pro-rated basis. There is also a refundable security deposit of $299 which is payable with the first month’s payment.

If you are in need of financial support Penguin Cold Caps are proud to work alongside the charity "Hair to Stay". Discover how they and Penguin Cold Caps can help you retain your dignity and confidence.

What equipment will I receive?

Penguin will deliver a number of goods necessary for your therapy.

Each shipment consists of Crylon Gel Caps, Crylon Gel Headbands and Velcro fastening elastic straps. Some additional items are provided as needed free of charge. e.g. a portable cooler. To be sure you have everything in place and to manage logistics on the day of Therapy, please speak to your Representative.

Written instructions, a care guide and detailed training video are also provided to ensure effective application.

What support will I get?

Throughout your treatment, Penguin provide a professional and personalized orientation and support service.

You will benefit from free on-going dedicated contact and support with an experienced and supportive Penguin representative who understands how you feel and will address your needs with the upmost privacy.

For more information and guidance on the most suitable option available for you, please speak with your Penguin representative who will be happy to guide you through the process.

How do I get the Penguin Cold Caps?

Various shipping options are available including next day delivery for those in a time critical situation (subject to order placement time and appropriate pick-up and delivery slot by the shipping agent).

Our experienced representatives will provide advice on the most suitable option available for you.

Why are Penguin Cold Caps so effective?

Our revolutionary secret formula Crylon gel caps have been specially engineered and meticulously developed by top industry experts to maintain cold temperatures for longer periods of time to maximize effectiveness and remain pliable for added comfort.

The versatile flat shape and velcro strapping system can be easily fitted and will comfortably adapt to the contours of any shape and size of head.

Penguin Cold Caps are made to hospital standards with non-toxic, hypo-allergenic and medical grade materials that can easily be disinfected. The compartments holding the gel are radio frequency welded.

Is wearing the cap painful?

In general, scalp cooling is very well tolerated. The sensation of coldness experienced when the cap is first placed on the head can cause some mild discomfort for about 5 – 10 minutes but this does dissipate.

Do I need to cut or wet my hair?

No, there is no need to cut your hair before using the caps. It is in fact best not to cut your hair, however you may wish to have a ‘trim’. No scalp preparation is necessary and there is no need to wet the hair or bandage the cap in place.

Why hasn't my doctor mentioned Cold Cap Therapy?

Doctors and Health Care Professionals around the world have seen the positive success of the Penguin Cold Cap Therapy System and do recommend them to their patients.
Although a popular therapy throughout Europe and other parts of the world, awareness in the USA has only just begun.

Have there been any clinical studies?

There are numerous studies that validate the success of Cold Cap therapy. A majority of the clinical studies on Scalp Cooling to date have been done in Europe. As scalp cooling begins to grow in popularity in the US, we expect additional studies to be released. At present there are several clinical studies being carried out in the United States.

Is Cold Cap Therapy covered by insurance companies?

This depends on the insurance carrier/provider. If your policy covers cranial hair prosthesis, Cold Cap Therapy might well be covered.

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