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Penguin Cold Cap Therapy has been developed over 20 years.
Our non-invasive Cold Cap Therapy is globally recognized for
outstanding results in minimizing hair loss. Whatever your
reason for visiting us, we recommend you start by talking to
one of our representatives - many have used Cold Caps
themselves and are here to support you, so please get in touch.

Penguin Cold Caps

The doctors and nurses were all very impressed with the results of
the Cold Caps

How does it work?

Cooling the scalp causes the hair bulbs to enter a near hibernated state, a process which decreases metabolic and enzymatic activity. This is effective in dramatically minimizing hair loss. Cold temperatures also induce some vasoconstriction (constriction of blood vessels) and analgesia (inhibits the ability to feel pain), useful effects across a variety of treatments.

Will it work for me?

Penguin Cold Cap Therapy varies from person to person. We always advise clients to speak to our representatives before ordering to ensure suitability. Over 83% of our users report strong satisfaction with the results. Contact us or request a call back to see if we can help you, or look at independent feedback on Facebook.

How much does it cost?

Price depends on length of treatment and location. Please call a local representative, found under "Request A Call-back" tab. Thank you.

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Penguin Cold Caps.
Over 23 years of research & development

Penguin Cold Cap Therapy is constantly
evolving by listening to the public
and medical professionals.

Superior results in
minimizing hair loss.

The medical community endorse and
support Cold Cap Therapy.

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Many of our representatives have
successfully used Penguin Cold Caps
and can give advice based on
their personal experience.

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User Stories

Penguin Cold Caps

Penguin Cold Caps are used worldwide.


Why are Penguin Cold Caps so effective?

Our proprietary Crylon Gel is the cooling engine for the Penguin Cold Caps. It is scientifically formulated to stay cold for longer periods of time than alternatives. As a result, our caps are effective for the Therapy duration. The Crylon Gel is pliable at sub-zero temperatures and allows for an accurate fit that is necessary for success.

How does Penguin Cold Cap Therapy help to save hair?

Our Therapy protects the hair bulbs by reducing their metabolic rate through cooling. As a result, the hair bulbs reduce their ingestion of damaging drugs that can cause hair loss.

How long do I have to wear them for?

Cold Caps are usually worn just before, during and just after each medical treatment - the exact duration depends on the type of treatment and varies from person to person. Several caps are provided which are applied in succession to maintain the correct temperature. Our experienced representatives can advise on the right duration for your specific treatment.