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Your Penguin Rep

Your Penguin Rep

All of our Penguin reps are passionate about what they do, and they make it their mission to achieve the very best results for you.

Our patients tell us time and time again that their Penguin rep was a lifeline for them, throughout their chemotherapy treatment. We believe that’s because 75% of our reps have saved their own hair with Penguin Cold Caps. They know what it’s like to be diagnosed with cancer and undergo chemo treatment. They understand your desire to save your hair and will do everything within their power to ensure that happens.

Cheryl is a Penguin rep diagnosed in 2015 with breast cancer. She used Penguin Cold Caps to save her hair and now guides other people to do the same.

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The caps are definitely cold, and the first five minutes are the toughest. But once you get past the initial few minutes, your scalp becomes numb, and it’s much more tolerable.

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Placing your order

As soon as your place your order, your local rep will be in touch. And even before you place your order, if you need help completing the form, Request a Call-back, and we will arrange for your rep to call you direct and sit with you while you fill the form out.

Advice and support

Your rep has helped many patients save their hair using Penguin Cold Caps. They will provide you with information about hair care, wearing the caps, what to take to your chemo sessions, and how best to look after your physical and mental health.

A cancer diagnosis is a traumatic experience, and coping with the side effects of chemo is a challenge for even the strongest person. Your rep is a friendly and knowledgeable pillar of support – someone you can call for advice and guidance.

Personal consultation

The first stage is a free consultation. This will take place over the phone or in person, depending on how far you are from your rep. They will ask about your drug regimen, hair type, lifestyle, and current health situation. You will then receive a personalized Cold Cap schedule that will give you the best chance of success.


You will need to arrange to pre-order dry-ice to cool the caps. But don’t worry; your Penguin rep will have the details of the dry-ice providers in your area and tell you exactly what to ask for.

Some clinics have a bio-medical freezer you can use to cool the caps, in which case you just need to take them in 2 days before your session to allow them to reach the correct temperature.


If you are capping yourself or have a friend or family member to help, you can arrange training on how to use the caps. Depending on your location and budget, this can be held remotely via a video call or in-person.

We can also offer a capping service which is also know as a white glove service. Where you will not have to lift a finger throughout your treatment.

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I was the first person my medical team had seen that cold capped, and they were in awe

– Marcia

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