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Frequently Asked Questions

It makes no difference whether you choose a Dry-Ice Freezer kit, which is when the caps are cooled in a cool box with dry ice, or a Bio-medical Freezer kit, when the caps are cooled in a special freezer at the clinic. As long as the caps have cooled to the correct temperature, the results will be exactly the same.

There are a number of reasons why Penguin Cold Caps achieve better results than other systems. The main factor is that Penguin is a manual Cold Cap Therapy treatment. This means patients can continue to cool their scalp for the recommended time after the chemotherapy infusion has ended. Patients using a machine-based system are often asked to leave the clinic within one hour after treatment. This leads to the scalp warming up too soon, allowing the chemo toxins to attack the hair follicles, leading to hair loss.

Patients on some of the harshest drug regimens have had success with Penguin Cold Caps. Your Penguin Rep will be able to offer more advice on your specific treatment plan. You will find more information on our Success Rates page and read our user stories

Yes – 57% of our customers are referred by their medical team because of the success they’ve seen with other patients.

  • Penguin Crylon Gel Cold Caps.
  • The Penguin Crylon Gel-filled headbands (adds an additional source of cold along the hairline.)
  • Velcro elastic straps that help secure the caps in place.
  • Comprehensive Users Guide and Hair Care Guide.
  • Personalized Schedule of Use.
  • Cooler if ordered.

There are several foundations providing help to those with financial difficulties.

It is a non-invasive, drug-free way of reducing chemotherapy-induced hair loss by the application of cold to the scalp. For more information read our post here.

Chemotherapy drugs are designed to damage or kill cells with a ‘fast division rate’, such as cancer cells. Unfortunately, other cells in the body also have a fast-dividing rate, including your hair. This similarity makes these cells susceptible to the chemotherapy drugs and causes hair loss.

We recommend to wait 6 months after your last infusion as this is how long it takes for you hair follicles to recover. However if you want to color sooner, wait 3 months and try a natural/organic hair dye with no ammonia or peroxide in. But always remember to do a patch test first. Even if you’ve used the same color dye in the past, chemotherapy can make your skin more sensitive than before.

We recommend you have a trim to remove any split ends (1-2 inches max)  before your first cold capping session. This will help prevent any knots from forming further down the line. It’s very easy to catch hair knots when brushing, pulling on clothes, or even on your pillow as you sleep.  You need to be careful to avoid catching your hair so not to pull on already weakened hair follicles.  There is no need to have a drastic haircut!

Depending on availability, dry ice can be purchased either the night before or on the day of therapy. Purchase 45-50 lbs. (20-23kg) of dry ice in ‘slab form’ on the day of your treatment. If the dry ice supplier only has pellets, ask the dry ice supplier to put the pellets into 10 lbs. bags. If you are purchasing your dry ice the night before, order 60 lbs. (27kg).

No – Unlike some other cold cap providers, you do not need to dampen your hair whilst using Penguin Cold Caps. We don’t recommend it because our caps fit very snuggly to your head, transferring the cold far more efficiently than other providers. There are now studies showing there is  “no convincing evidence was found whether wetting hair prior to scalp cooling contributes to better prevention of CIA” – It also shows that it leads to a 200% increase of discontinuation due to intolerance.

Depending on your hair type and treatment regimen and few other factors Your Penguin Rep will provide you with a personalized schedule. You will need to put your first cap on at least 50 minutes before your chemo infusion begins and continue to wear them for the recommended time after your treatment. It is essential to follow your schedule to achieve the best results.

While cold, many patients tell us they expected them to be far worse. They will never be comfortable, but most people find the cold bearable. The first couple of caps are the worst – but as your scalp cools, the nerve endings numb, and you won’t notice the cold as much.

When the Penguin Cold Caps arrive, you will also receive full instructions for use and a hair care guide via email. But if you have any questions, one of our experienced representatives is just a call away to help you.

Yes -Penguin Cold Cap therapy is a manual cold capping system, which means you have the flexibility to cold cap anywhere.  Unlike machine capping, you do not need to be connected to a machine to keep the caps cold. You are free to move around.

  • Penguin Crylon Gel Cold Caps.
  • The Penguin Crylon Gel-filled headbands (adds an additional source of cold along the hairline.)
  • Velcro elastic straps that help secure the caps in place.
  • Comprehensive User Guide and Hair Care Guide. (Emailed)
  • Personalized Schedule of Use. (Emailed)
  • Cooler if ordered.

We can arrange next-day delivery within the USA. For Europe it’s normally 1-2 days. For the rest of the world it is 2-3 days. Use our shipping calculator or contact us for a delivery time frame.

Although not standard across all insurers, some accept claims for a percentage of the cost. You will need to contact your insurer to see whether you can make a claim. You can find more information here: Are Cold Caps covered by insurance?

We accept all major providers. VISA, Mastercard, American Express, JCB and more. We also accept HSA & FSA cards, however you may need to call them up for approval.

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Penguin Cold Caps are only available to rent.

Order online here. Contact one of our representatives here or Request a call-back.

You will be charged a monthly rental fee for the time you have them.

Penguin Cold Caps’ rental price is (USD) per month. With a refundable security deposit is (USD).

Many of our representatives have successfully used Penguin Cold Caps
and can give advice based on their personal experience.