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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Cold Cap Therapy?

It is a non-invasive, drug free way of reducing chemotherapy induced hair loss by the application of cold to the scalp.

Why do you lose hair during chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy drugs are designed to damage or kill cells that have a ‘fast division rate’, such as cancer cells. Unfortunately there are also some cells in the human body that also have a fast division rate, such as those found in hair, sperm and the villi found inside the intestine. This similarity makes these cells susceptible to the chemotherapy drugs and it is this, which causes some of the unwanted side effects of chemo, such as hair loss, nausea and sterility.

How does the Penguin Crylon Gel Cold Cap Therapy System work?

It is the combination of:
A series of specially designed caps, which have been cooled to an optimum temperature, being snuggly fitted to your scalp before, during and after your chemotherapy drug infusion
A personalised schedule of use dependant on your individual chemotherapy drug treatment plan and personal health factors.

What makes the Penguin Cold Cap Therapy System so successful?

Our founder is the original inventor of the Penguin Cold Cap Therapy System. With over 20 years of experience, we have acquired the most comprehensive range of knowledge in cold cap therapy. Our caps contain our secret formula Crylon Gel which remains pliable when cooled and allows their versatile shape to be easily fitted and comfortably adapt to any shape and size of head. This, combined with a personalised schedule of use has given our cap users worldwide outstanding results.

Can I use the caps?

Yes – any gender
Yes – any age
Yes – any nationality
Yes – any type of hair, short, long, thick, thin, curly, wavy or straight.
Yes – many types of cancer

Will it work with my chemo drug regimen?

The Penguin Cold Cap Therapy System is effective with the most comprehensive range of chemotherapy drug regimens.

How long do I have to wear the cold caps?

The timings are different for everyone depending on their drug regimen. Using your individual chemotherapy drug regimen we will prescribe your own personalised schedule for cap usage.

Is wearing the cap painful?

The Penguin Crylon Gel Cold Cap has been specially designed to fit comfortably on any size head. In general, scalp cooling is very well tolerated. The sensation of coldness experienced when the cap is first placed on the head can cause some mild discomfort for about 5 - 10 minutes but this does dissipate.

Do I have to cut my hair?

No, it is best not to cut your hair before chemotherapy. You may however have a ‘trim’.

Are there any special instructions?

When we send you our Penguin Crylon Gel Cold Caps, you will also receive specific instructions for use and hair care along with all other relevant information you may need. Our experienced representatives are also just a phone call away and are there to help you.

Do Doctors recommend them?

Many doctors throughout the USA and around the world have seen the positive success of the Penguin Cold Cap System and do recommend them to their patients. There are now over 400 oncologists in the USA alone who refer their patients to us regularly.

Can I buy the Penguin Crylon Gel Cold Caps?

No, the FDA do not yet approve the use of cold cap therapy on chemotherapy patients. We are therefore not allowed to sell our caps but we are however allowed to rent them to chemotherapy patients who choose to use them at their own risk.

How do I order the Penguin Crylon Gel Cold Caps?

To place your order you can;
Telephone one of our representatives. Contact Us
or Visit our online shop.Order Now

What will I get?

The Penguin Crylon Gel Cold Caps
The Penguin Crylon Gel filled headbands (as an additional source of cold along the hairline for those who have extra thick hair or a larger size head)
Velcro fastening elastic straps which can aid in the snugness of the cap to the individual head.
A Comprehensive Users Guide and Additional Information
A Personalised Schedule of Use

How quickly can I get them?

Next day delivery is available.

How much do they cost?

Please visit our Cost page for more information.

Can I spread the payments?

Yes. Most users spread their payments.

Can I get Help Paying for them?

There are several foundations providing help to those with financial difficulties.

A note on hair shedding

Hair shedding is normal; Cold Cap Therapy works by protecting the young to medium hair follicle bulbs against the chemotherapeutic drugs . The chemotherapeutic drugs accelerate old hair follicles to shed early, thus hair shedding (plus natural hair shedding occurs). Please also remember everybody’s metabolism is different, so hair shedding can happen at different times.