Penguin Cold Caps

Whats in your kit?

Your Penguin Cold Cap kit contains everything you need to successfully save your hair on chemo.

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Your Penguin kit contains:

3 x Penguin Cold Caps

Penguin Cold Caps have an efficient conductive surface that cools the surface of your scalp while keeping the hair dry. The caps are filled with a specially adapted Crylon gel, which enables the caps to retain their temperature longer, makes them soft and pliable, so they fit comfortably to your scalp.

Penguin Cold Cap Headband

3 x Gel Hairline Protectors

Pull the cooled Gel Headbands, so the cap securely hugs the back and sides of your head to provide extra protection for the hairline. Penguin Caps is the only cold cap system that offers this extra level of cooling power to protect the ‘hard to reach areas’ of your scalp.

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2 x Black Straps

The Velcro Elastic straps draw the caps closer to your scalp for an extra snug fit.

1 x Yellow Straps (if needed)

The Gold Strap is the final defence for thick hair. Giving you the ability to personalize the fit to your head. You don’t need to use it if you feel the caps are already nicely hugging your scalp. But it’s there to use just in case.

Penguin Cold Cap Thermometer

1 x Thermometer

Each kit comes with a thermometer so you can ensure the caps have reached the correct temperature before use.

“My second biggest fear was the thought of going bald.

I’m so glad I capped with Penguin”

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1 x Cool box – Premier kit only

If your clinic has a bio-medical freezer you can use to cool the caps, you won’t need a cool box. But if not, the specially designed dry-ice cool box will maintain the temperature of your caps for the duration of your treatment.

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My kids were not get affected by my disease because I was able to keep my hair. I always looked like me.

– Leila


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