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What is Cold Cap Therapy?

Penguin Cold Cap Treatment

What is Cold Cap Therapy

Cold capping or scalp cooling is a drug-free and non-invasive treatment that helps people reduce hair loss from chemotherapy.

Unless you’ve undergone chemo, you’re unlikely to have come across cold capping – and even if you’ve had chemo, chances are you still weren’t told about it. In the past, your medical team was probably more focused on healing you rather than how you looked.

However, the medical world is slowly coming around to the fact that our personal appearance has a massive impact on how we feel and how quickly we recover. More and more oncologists are recommending cold capping as a vital part of cancer treatment. In fact, 57% of Penguin patients have been referred by their doctor.




How does cold capping work?

Cold cap therapy involves fitting a specially designed cap, filled with our trademarked Crylon gel to your head to cool the hair follicles. This cools the hair capillaries (blood vessels), reducing the metabolic rate of the follicles, so they go into a hibernated state and stop the hair bulbs from absorbing the chemo drugs.

Caps need to be worn for approximately 50 to 60 minutes before your infusion for the best success rate. You must ensure your scalp is sufficiently cooled before the chemo enters your system.

You need to wear the caps continually while you have your treatment, changing every 20 to 25 minutes to ensure you maintain your scalp at the correct temperature.

When your chemo infusion has ended, you need to continue to wear the caps for the time prescribed in your personalized schedule, to give the body time to dilute and clean out the chemo toxins. The length of time will depend on the drug regimen, but your Penguin rep will include this in your personalized schedule.

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What kind of results can I expect?

You can expect to retain between 60% and 90% of your hair – although the precise amount of hair shedding will depend on the type of chemotherapy drugs and your physical wellbeing.

For more information about which chemotherapy medications are compatible with cold capping, contact your area representative, To find your area rep visit here or email

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Stages of Hair Growth

Hair shedding is normal

Many people are concerned about the amount of shedding – but this is normal. As long as the hair loss is evenly spread, it’s unlikely to show. 

Cold Caps reduce the damage to the hair follicles, but they can’t protect them completely. Chemotherapy accelerates the hair cycle, and as a result, the older hairs are pushed out earlier, which is why patients experience shedding. But you won’t lose it all.

You might not have as much hair, and it’s likely to feel thinner, but success for most people is to save enough so that no one notices… other than you.

Picture of Stefanie

There was no way a machine-based scalp cooling system could compare to the manual technique that the cappers use to mold each cap to my head. It was well worth the investment

– Stefanie


Different types of Cold Caps

There are two different types of Cold Cap Therapy – Manual and Machine. Penguin Cold Caps is a manual system that has been proven to give the best results. 

Manual capping enables patients to walk around the clinic, visit the bathroom and continue to wear the caps after their chemo has finished and they’ve left the clinic. With machine capping, the cap maintains its temperature because it is connected to a machine, but it means that the patient can’t move around.

Machine capping is more straightforward – the caps don’t need to be changed during treatment, and there’s no need to keep checking the temperature. However, patients who choose to cap with a manual system achieve much better results. And after all, the only reason you’re choosing to cap is because you want to save your hair.

Penguin Cold Caps

  • Best results
  • Free to walk about
  • Most customisable cap
  • Cold cap at home
  • Dry Hair
  • Visit the bathroom
  • Can leave the clinic anytime
  • Purchase Dry Ice
  • Changing Cap every 25 mins

Machine Cooling

  • Best results
  • Free to walk about
  • Most customisable cap
  • Cold cap at home
  • Wet Hair
  • Visit the bathroom
  • Can leave the clinic anytime
  • No Dry Ice Purchase
  • No cap change required

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