The Story of Penguin Cold Caps

Our mission

Our mission is to make available an effective option for minimizing chemical induced hair loss. In doing so we hope to remove barriers for treatment of underlying conditions caused by the stigma of hair loss.




Product Innovation

Since those early days, Frank and the Penguin Cold Caps team of engineers continue to test new materials and innovative designs.

The latest Cold Caps contain a proprietary Crylon Gel that makes them more malleable and allows them to stay colder for longer. This makes the caps easier for patients and cappers to maintain the right temperature and mold them to the exact contours of the scalp, producing even better results.

Our Story

In 1996, Frank Fronda, an engineer and businessman, became aware of the devastating effects of hair loss caused by chemotherapy treatment. He made it his mission to research and develop a solution to enable cancer patients to save their hair from chemotherapy.

Frank consulted some of the world’s top trichologists to understand what causes chemo-induced alopecia. And then, using his engineering background, he developed a pioneering therapy that would get to the ‘root’ of the problem.

His research and development led to the design and launch of Penguin Cold Cap therapy.

Initial trials in British medical research centers led to the first use of Penguin Cold Cap Therapy in London hospitals and then across the United Kingdom. Soon there were demands from overseas patients, and Cold Caps established its first distribution center in the USA in 2006.

Penguin Cold Caps are now used in 1400+ hospitals across 56 countries, and helped over 25,000 cancer patients save their hair.

Penguin Cold Caps.

Over 23 years of research & development
Penguin Cold Cap Therapy is constantly
evolving by listening to the public
and medical professionals.

Superior results in minimizing hair loss.

Penguin Cold Caps is Recommended by
the Rapunzel Project and by many hospitals
and physicians throughout the US.

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Many of our representatives have successfully used Penguin Cold Caps
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