8 great reasons to start a cancer blog

Published: March 30, 2017

When you’re fighting cancer, you’re not just battling a disease; you’re having to process a lot of emotions, too.

One really effective way to help get your thoughts straight is to write them down. Some people choose to keep them private, in a diary; others want to share their experiences publicly, by starting a blog.

There are many reasons why a blog is a great platform when you’re undergoing cancer treatment – here are just a few:

1. A problem shared is a problem halved

Getting your thoughts out of your head and onto a page can really help to straighten out what’s going on in your mind. Many cancer bloggers find writing cathartic, as it helps to express their emotions.

2. It cuts out difficult conversations

Sometimes you want to tell people how you’re feeling; other times you don’t. By blogging about your progress, it keeps family and friends up to date with your situation, without you having to repeat the same news time and time again.

3. You’re not alone

Fighting cancer can feel very isolating, but there are hundreds of other people in the same situation. Blogging is a great way to create an online support network, and to connect with people that are also undergoing cancer treatment.

Blog For a Cure is a great example of how the web can bring people together to help each other through difficult times.

4. It’s an educational tool

Sometimes even the closest people in your life won’t know how to act around you, for fear of doing something wrong. Use your blog as a communication platform to share how you want to be treated by them.

5. Get angry!

Chances are, you spend a lot of time putting on a brave face – to medical staff, family and friends. You don’t need to put up this pretense on your blog. Use it as a way to express how you’re really feeling, even if that emotion is anger, frustration or fear.

Caroline’s Breast Cancer Blog is a great example of how to be straight-talking in a blog and let your feelings show.

6. Inspire other people

You won’t always feel brave or heroic, but simply sharing your experiences can bring comfort to other people who are also fighting cancer.

It’s also a great forum for sharing your top tips – from how to pick yourself up on the most difficult days, to preventing hair loss when going through chemotherapy.

7. Raise awareness of your condition

Not every type of cancer is commonly known, and documenting your disease in a blog can help to raise awareness. It can even be used as a fundraising vehicle, to generate money for further scientific research.

The Liz Army is a good example of someone with cancer who is using their blog to spread the word. Over 30,000 people visit Liz’s blog, and she has used its popularity as a springboard to speak at medical events, start social media initiatives, and even take part in a documentary.

8. Find a focus for positive energy

On the days when you’re feeling unwell or just lacking in energy, it’s good to have something to focus on. Even if your only goal for the day is to write 200 words, it will still give you something to aim for.

At the very least, blogging can take your mind off what is happening that day, and give you an outlet for the complex emotions you are experiencing. But who knows where it could take you; you could find there’s an undiscovered writing talent burning within you!

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