Random Acts of Kindness

Published: February 9, 2017

Take part and help turn the world kind
12th to 18th Feb

When was the last time you did something kind for someone? Even something small, like make your partner a cup of coffee, or message a friend to ask how they were?

Random Acts of Kindness Weeks is coming up on February 12th to 18th, which is the perfect excuse to make a small gesture in order to brighten up someone’s day. Individuals, groups and organisations all around the world are planning to get involved – and the warmth and cheer it spreads certainly makes it one of our favourite days!

Random acts of kindness are a great way to pick up friends and family when they are feeling down, or even to make you feel better when you’re struggling to find inner contentment. They don’t have to be a huge, overblown gesture; as we said at the start of this blog, even something small can really change how someone feels.


So, what could you do to make a difference this Random Acts of Kindness Week?
We’ve put together a few suggestions:

  • Scroll through your phone book until you find someone you haven’t spoken to in at least six months. Drop them a message to say you’re thinking of them, and asking what they are up to these days
  • Take a treat into the office for your colleagues, like a box of doughnuts or a platter of fruit
  • Give up your seat for someone on public transport
  • Go through your kitchen cupboards and clear out all the unopened, in-date tins and packets that you’re probably never going to use. Donate them to a local food drive
  • Make a playlist for someone on Spotify of all yours and their favourite happy songs
  • Let someone with fewer items than you go first in the supermarket checkout queue
  • Write your partner a list of things that you love about them
  • Offer to dog or cat-sit for a friend or family member with pets
  • Volunteer at a local senior citizens home or hospice, to keep people company – or entertain them by playing board games or reading to them
  • Pay compliments to five different people during the course of one day
  • ‘Pay it forward’ when you buy a takeaway cofee by paying for two, so the coffee house can donate a cup to someone in need
  • Clean a family member or friend’s car for them while you’re cleaning your own

Whatever you choose to do, enjoy the warm feeling that being kind to someone else gives you – that’s the best part of Random Acts of Kindness Week!

What’s the nicest random act of kindness you’ve carried out – or received? Share your stories on our Facebook page.

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