Cost of Penguin Cold Caps

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Costs of Use

The Penguin Crylon Gel Cold Caps Kits are available to Rent.

Penguin Cold Caps are committed to providing outstanding customer service.
We want you to be informed of all costs involved when using our Crylon Gel Cold Caps Kit.

There are no hidden extra charges.

The Rental Equipment You Will Receive


  • CRYLON GEL CAPS – supplied in their individual ‘keep’ box or freezer bags.


On completing the order form you will select either the Dry Ice or Biomedical Freezer option to cool your Crylon Gel Caps.

Often the selection is determined by whether the chemotherapy center has specialised freezers in place for use with the caps.
The cooling method selected will determine how many Crylon Gel Caps are required for your treatment and we will ship the correct number of caps accordingly.

Our experienced Representatives can advise on which will be the right method of use for you.

Equipment Rental Charges

USD $395 per month– irrespective of the number of Crylon Gel Caps needed.

Equipment Rental is paid by monthly instalments in advance.

There is a minimum Equipment Rental period of one month.

The Equipment Rental agreement can be cancelled at any time, subject to the minimum Equipment Rental period.

When the Rental Equipment arrives back at our depot the Equipment Rental charges will cease.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Security Deposit

USD $345

A Security Deposit is required.

This is payable with your first Equipment Rental payment.

The Security Deposit is refunded within one month of your account being reconciled.

To finalize your account we must be in receipt of:

  1. The Rental Equipment; received back, in good condition, except ordinary wear and tear.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Shipping Costs

Penguin arrange shipping through FedEx at reduced shipping rates (compared to standard rates.) Alternatively you can provide us with the details of a shipping account you wish to use.
Your Shipping Costs will vary in accordance with the Shipping Agents charges, delivery distance and the shipping method used (eg; overland, by air, overnight).
The Hirer (Cap User) is responsible for all shipping costs.

Our Rental Equipment is your responsibility from the date of delivery to you until the goods are received back at our depot and your Equipment Rental Agreement is terminated.

We do not require the return of the Rental Equipment after each treatment or between usages, so there are no unnecessary accumulating shipping charges.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Additional Charges

We do NOT apply any additional fees for administration or processing.

Prices are subject to change at any time.