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Penguin was established in 1997 to research and develop Cold Cap Therapy to minimize chemical induced alopecia/hair loss.

Personalised Therapy

Personalised Cold Cap Therapy

Penguin provides a personalized Cold Cap Therapy schedule based on your personal medical diagnosis and treatment plan.

We recognize everyone’s individual genetic make-up is unique, as their medical treatment.

Guidance & Instruction

Cap Fitting Services

We offer throughout your treatment free unlimited phone support.

But also can offer; Video Training, 1 to 1 tuition, Complete hands-off experience.

Being the largest provider in Cold Capping We can offer these services in more locations than any other provider - subject to availability.

Worldwide Availability

Penguin Cold Caps provide you a fully portable, customized Cold Capping kit and personalized schedule direct to individuals worldwide.

Overnight shipping is available for time sensitive requirements.

Penguin provide the convenience of choosing from a selection of shipping options at the lowest price.

Penguin’s scalp cooling kits are shipped directly to your chosen delivery address.