Penguin Cold Caps

Bernice’s Story

At a glance:

  • Diagnosis: Triple Positive Breast Cancer
  • Drug regimen: 6 cycles of TCHP
  • Results: Bernice saved 60% of her hair
  • Bernice says: “Cold capping was a breeze. I was worried it would be painful, but the only discomfort I felt was in the first few minutes as my head adjusted to the cold”

Bernice was living in California and working as a government affairs professional, when she was diagnosed with Triple Positive Breast Cancer in December 2021

Bernice after cold capping

Bernice’s diagnosis and treatment

After Bernice received her diagnosis, she was told she’d need six rounds of TCHP.

“My initial fear was the damage the chemo would have on me and how it would change my life,” explains Bernice.

“I’d just started a new job when I was diagnosed at just 37 years old. It was important for me to keep my life on track and as normal as possible – I didn’t want to look sick, and keeping my hair was a big part of that.”

How did you find out about cold capping?

“I found out about cold capping from social media, and I chose to go with Penguin Cold Caps because of the results that other users had shared online. My husband and I thought it was the best option, giving us the best chance of success.”

Bernice during chemoWhat was your experience of cold capping?

Bernice was diagnosed just a week before Christmas.

“My oncology team wanted me to start on chemotherapy right away. Luckily, even though it was Christmas, Penguin Cold Caps were very helpful and expedited my order, so my caps arrived well before my first treatment.

“My husband was my capper. We practiced a few times beforehand, and he was a professional by the time of my treatment. Before we started I was worried about how I’d cope with the cold and whether I’d find it too painful.”

But Bernice didn’t need to worry, “I only experienced a bit of discomfort from the initial cap at the start of each chemo session. But this only lasted a few minutes as my head adjusted to the cold – after that, it was fine.”

Tell us about your results

“I have lots of hair, but it is very fine,” says Bernice. “I did start shedding about two weeks after the first TCHP treatment, but my rep explained this was normal.”

“Overall, I believe I manage to save about 60% of my hair. I am happy with the results – any hair I did lose sprouted back very quickly afterward, and three months post chemo, no one could tell I’d lost any hair at all.”

“I would ‘absolutely’ recommend cold capping with Penguin to others going through chemo.”