Penguin Cold Caps

Dani’s Story

If there is an option out there to keep my hair, then why not try it?

I’m so lucky to have known about Cold Caps and am thankful to my friend for not only mentoring me through it but also for coming to my house the night prior to train about twelve women and men who would be my Cold Cap buddies. They all took turns, two at a time, to accompany me to Chemo and keep my head frozen. I have found out that I have the most amazing and supportive group of friends and family on the planet.

So, the results? I’m three weeks post chemo. After eight rounds I would guess that I have kept 70% of my hair. I notice some thinning but nobody else seems to notice. I have naturally thick hair so even with a bit of hair loss, I don’t look like I just finished eight rounds of chemo. Shedding has slowed down dramatically and I look forward to seeing the few thin areas filling in over the next few months.

Many have asked me why it was so important for me to do whatever I could to keep my hair. I have thought a lot about it and honestly can’t pinpoint EXACTLY why but here are a few thoughts.

  • I wanted transparency with my friends and family. I believe that the energy I got from my circle of loved ones helped me get through the first parts of my journey but I didn’t want to look sick in public. I didn’t want people I didn’t know to feel sorry for me or to wonder if I was dying.
  • Maybe a little bit of vanity. I love my hair and the thought of being bald and spending years growing it back was overwhelming to me.
  • My career. I work with clients and had no intention of them knowing that I was battling cancer. Just my personal choice.
  • Why not? If there is an option out there to keep my hair, then why not try it? Chemo changes the way we feel and look. I figured if I didn’t look sick, I wouldn’t feel sick. And it worked! I only missed work on the 8 days of chemo and I travelled within my region feeling whole. Why not?