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Kathy’s story

At a Glance:

Diagnosis: Stage 2 Triple Positive Breast Cancer

Drug regimen: 12 weeks of Taxol and Herceptin, followed by Herceptin every 3 weeks

Results: Saved 80% of her hair

Kathy says: “I chose Penguin Cold Caps because I felt it was the most reliable in producing the desired results.”

Originally from California, Kathy, a 76-year-old retired attorney, is now enjoying life on the 11-acre small-holding she owns with her husband in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

A mother of four and a grandmother of eight, Kathy loves to travel, visiting different locations in the US and Europe, as well as spending time with her family in Chicago, Oregon and California.

Kathy’s diagnosis and treatment

In late October 2023, Kathy was diagnosed with Stage 2 triple positive breast cancer. She began her treatment in December 2023, undergoing 12 weeks of Taxol and Herceptin infusions, which she completed in March. Kathy will continue with Herceptin infusions every three weeks for the remainder of 2024.

After a lumpectomy and lymph node biopsies in April, Kathy was relieved to hear that the pathology reports had come back negative. She is currently undergoing five weeks of daily post-surgery radiation.

Kathy reflects, “I feel very lucky that the treatments have been successful and that I have such a good care team.”

Why was it important for you to save your hair?

One of Kathy’s primary concerns was the prospect of hair loss. “One of my biggest fears upon learning I had breast cancer was the thought of losing my hair as well as the impact on my family during the course of my treatment,” Kathy shares.

As a former trial attorney, Kathy felt that maintaining her physical appearance, particularly her hair, was important to her overall well-being and self-esteem. “I was concerned that the loss of my hair and being bald would negatively impact my usual upbeat and happy attitude,” she adds.

How did you hear about cold capping?

Following her oncologist’s recommendation and her own extensive research, Kathy chose Penguin Cold Caps to help preserve her hair. “I chose Penguin Cold Caps because, after researching available products, I felt it was the most reliable cold capping system available, and gave me the best chance of achieving the results I wanted. The fact that my oncologist recommended Penguin was also a big factor in my decision,” Kathy explains.

How did you find the experience of cold capping?

Kathy says she found the ordering process straightforward and appreciated the available telephone support.

Her husband and two daughters were by her side throughout the chemo treatment, ensuring the caps were cooled to the correct temperature and fitted correctly.

“The cold cap system wasn’t too difficult to use, especially after watching YouTube videos on how to manage them. My husband acted as my cold capper, as well as my two daughters when he was unavailable, and it didn’t take long for them to all became very proficient at working with the cold caps.”

Kathy continues, “I wasn’t particularly bothered by the cold. I used an electric throw, which helped keep me comfortable and would recommend this to others. I also wore warm clothes during the infusion process.”

Kathy says she found the main challenge was acquiring the dry ice. She explains, “Possibly one of the more difficult issues with the manual cold cap system is acquiring the dry ice. I found we had to buy the dry ice the afternoon before each scheduled infusion due to early morning appointments and a 45-minute drive to the infusion center.”

What were your results?

Before chemo

After chemo

Kathy has shoulder-length, thick, and curly hair. Despite some daily shedding, she estimated she has retained more than 80% of her hair.

“I have been very careful to follow the instructions provided regarding washing, cutting, coloring and combing. I estimate I’ve lost no more than 20% of my hair and am extremely happy with the results. And I am now looking forward to the time when I can cut and color my hair again.”

“I would definitely recommend Penguin to others, as it works.”

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