Penguin Cold Caps

Margaret’s Story

At a glance:

  • Diagnosis: HER2 Positive Breast Cancer
  • Drug regimen: 4 rounds of Taxotere and Herceptin
  • Results: Saved nearly all of her hair
  • Margaret says: “It works. It is extra time added to chemo, but it really works”

Margaret is a 54-year-old mom living in Los Angeles with her husband and two boys. Originally from New York, Margaret moved West to go to the University of Southern California and never left.

“My cancer coordinator recommended Penguin because, from her experience working with other patients, they had the best and most consistent results.”

Margaret after chemo

Margaret after chemo

Margaret’s diagnosis and treatment

When she first received a HER2 positive breast cancer diagnosis, Margaret’s biggest fear was of the unknown.

“It was such unknown territory. I didn’t know how I would feel, how it would affect me. Would I feel sick all the time? Would I recover? The surgeon gave me the choice of mastectomy or lumpectomy – how was I supposed to make that choice? The period immediately following my diagnosis was a crazy time.”

Margaret eventually decided on a lumpectomy. Her medical team carried out the procedure, and successfully removed the cancerous tissue. The surgery was followed by four rounds of Taxotere and Herceptin chemotherapy.

Why was saving your hair important?

“I wanted to do everything I could to hold onto anything that gave me a sense of normalcy,” explains Margaret. “I was frightened of how my diagnosis would affect my work. I work in sales in the garment industry, and my employers were amazing. But it’s a very image-conscious industry – I was afraid losing my hair and looking ill would affect my ability to work with my clients. Saving my hair was something I had some control over.”

How did you hear about cold capping?

“I first heard about cold capping through my healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente, but it was my cancer coordinator who recommended Penguin Cold Caps.

“She told me that, from her experience of working with other patients, Penguin had the best and most consistent results.”

Margaret wearing a Penguin Cold Cap

Margaret during chemo

How did you find using Penguin Cold Caps?

Margaret employed the services of a Penguin Cold Capper to help her cold cap during her chemo treatments.

“I would meet my technician, Vince, at the hospital. Even though my appointment was at 7:30 am, he was always there before me. Vince was a superstar – he made the whole process bearable with his positivity and expertise.

What were your results?

Margaret says she saved nearly all of her hair with Penguin Cold Caps.

“It works. It is extra time added to chemo, but it really works,” Margaret exclaims. “I did shed some hair, but there are no bald patches, and it’s unnoticeable. I would have no hesitation recommending Penguin Cold Caps to others.”