Penguin Cold Caps

Rachel’s Story

At a glance:

  • Diagnosed with stage one breast cancer
  • Drug Regimen: Docetaxel/ Cyclophosphamide
  • Saved 98% of hair

Rachel is a 37-year-old single mom of a four-year-old daughter and has been diagnosed with stage one breast cancer.

Rachel’s diagnosis

“When I was first given my cancer diagnosis, my biggest fear was chemotherapy because I didn’t know if I would need respite care. As a single mom, I was worried about how I was going to look after my daughter through the treatment.

“I also feared losing my hair. When I explained to my daughter that this might happen, she was scared, she even cried. Therefore, it became even more important for me to save my hair – both for my daughter but also for my own self-dignity through the cancer treatment.”

Rachel was prescribed four rounds of Docetaxel/ Cyclophosphamide chemotherapy.

Rachel’s experience with cold capping

Rachel was told about Penguin Cold Caps by her doctor at UCSF Medical Centre. “My doctor said I would be very satisfied with Penguin Cold Caps because they had very high efficacy, so I chose to go with them.

“Theresa Daniels, a Penguin Cold Caps rep, stayed with me on the phone while I placed my order. It was simple and the caps were delivered directly to my house for me to take to the UCSF hospital.

“My daughter was a lot happier – she kept telling her friends that I wasn’t going to lose my hair because I was going to wear the cool cap.”

Rachel’s partner became her cold capper during her infusions. “We found it very easy and straightforward to use the caps – and that was because of the help and support we received from Theresa. She sent us videos showing how to put them on.”

Rachel adds, “They felt a bit cold, but it was worth it. I would say to use a sheer stocking cap and panty liners on the forehead and ears to prevent these areas from freezing. It definitely worked for me!”

Rachel’s hair loss results

“I have very thick, long, wavy hair. I shed just the tiniest amount and have retained 98% of my hair. It’s amazing!

“I would recommend Penguin Cold Caps to anyone that wants to save their hair on chemotherapy.”