Inventor History


“He has been gifted with an abundance of natural talent, an enquiring and creative mind, a quest for knowledge and a passion for science alongside a caring and giving personality.”

Frank Fronda photo
Frank Fronda is an entrepreneur, the Inventor of the Penguin Cold Cap Therapy System and the Founder and President of Medical Specialties of California (MSC) and Penguin Cold Caps where he retains an active role. He can still be found at all times of the night and day talking with cancer patients and sharing his wealth of knowledge.
He currently resides in London and the Kent countryside in the UK.

His Mission

With no funding, just an idea, knowledge, combined with the determination and will power to make a difference for cancer sufferers worldwide.

A way for chemotherapy patients to take back control, keep their dignity, remain positive, smile during adversity with no one knowing their condition.

To find a solution to the dreaded side effect of most chemotherapeutic drugs – Alopecia.

To make this solution available to every chemotherapy patient.

Frank’s Career History

  • 1961 – Ove Arup & Partners – Sydney Opera House
  • 1961 – Married
  • 1965 – Became a member of Structural Engineers
  • 1971 – Started his first company – Frondaway Form Work.
  • 1972 – Now had a family of 5 children.
  • 1972 – Started Tara Swimming Pools
  • 1979 – Started building hydrotherapy pools and spas.
  • 1979 – Started inventing and building specialist hydro pool spas for handicap children.
  • 1987 – Met 2 children who had lost their hair which upset him.
  • 1987 – Started research into chemo drugs, trichology and cold therapy.
  • 1998 – Founded MSC and Penguin Cold Caps


Over the past 20 years Frank Fronda has visited many oncology clinics and hospitals around the world gathering information on chemotherapy induced alopecia, different drug protocols and the effects of scalp cooling. He is now considered one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject and lectures in different countries worldwide.

Frank is one of the lucky few who have been able to succeed in his passion; to help and make a difference to so many. He continues to lecture and educate doctors worldwide and is determined to make cold cap therapy available to anyone who wants to use it.