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Mollie saves her hair on chemo

Mollie’s Story

I can’t say enough about Penguin Cold Caps. I’m forever grateful and will continue to be a vocal advocate for cold capping

I want to change the dialogue around cold capping to focus on the importance of mental health during treatment. It can literally transform your outlook for the better. For me, keeping my hair was a bonus, but saving my mental health was a lifesaver.

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Leila's Cold Cap Story

Leila’s Story

My kids were not get affected by my disease because I was able to keep my hair and always looked like me

Saving most of my hair boosted my morale and helped me feel like less of a ‘cancer patient’. I recommend Penguin Cold Caps to anyone going through chemotherapy who wants to keep their hair.

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Bronwen Patten

Bronwen’s Story

I saved 90% of my hair. I am exceptionally grateful to Penguin Cold Caps for making it possible

For me, saving my hair has had a huge positive impact on my cancer journey. It has helped me to keep my identity, I’ve continued to work throughout my treatment, and it’s given me the strength to continue every day.

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Marcia saved her hair with Penguin Cold Caps

Marcia’s Story

I was the first person my medical team had seen that cold capped, and they were in awe

It’s not just a case of vanity. Being a home school mom of 4 children, I knew I needed to keep their life on track as much as possible. If there was any chance I could retain my hair, I wanted to try.

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Dina wearing Penguin Cold Cap

Dina’s Story

I was on one of the strongest chemo regimens and still kept at least 95% of my hair

People mean well when they tell you to ‘Rock the no-hair look’ and that the most important thing is your health. And obviously, it is. But I felt that saving my hair was important too, not just for my looks but also my mental well-being.

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Victoria’s Story

I feel that cold capping was a big part of my treatment and the reason why I was able to bounce back so quickly

I still wanted to feel like myself. Cancer takes away so many things from you and saving my hair was one of the things I could control. I do not feel sick, so I did not want to look sick! I think one's mental health is just as important as physical health when you are fighting cancer.

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Erin’s Story

I'm shocked at how well cold capping worked! Strangers have no idea I have been going through chemo at all

My children are so young - I didn't want cancer to be this big scary change for them. I wanted to stay looking like their Mama. Saving my hair was one way I could keep their lives as normal as possible.

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Lynn’s Story

I highly recommend Penguin Cold Caps and really don't know why anyone wouldn’t want to do it.

I am so happy that I not only saved most of my hair, but the loss that did occur was minimal. You can’t tell by looking that I have lost any hair at all.

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Rachel’s Story

I shed just the tiniest amount and have retained 98% of my hair. It's amazing!

Theresa Daniels, one of Penguin Cold Caps reps, stayed with me on the phone while I placed my order. It was simple and the caps were delivered directly to my house for me to take to the UCSF hospital.

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Nicole’s Story

It felt as if I was able to take back control

It felt as if I was able to take back control at a time in my life when I had very little power over what was happening to me. And after chemo, I was able to move on and resume life on my terms far quicker than if I'd had to wait for my hair to grow back.

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Shanti’s Story

Overall, I have managed to save 80-85% of my hair

Penguin Cold Caps made that possible for me. I do not know what I would have done without them and am so incredibly grateful that they exist. Insurance companies in the U.S. should cover them, as the mental health that they contribute to is priceless.

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Lindsay’s Story

I'm so thankful to be able to look in the mirror and still look like myself

My hair is medium in length, quite thick and straight. I believe I have saved about 70% of my hair - there was some shedding throughout, but it's evenly spread so I don’t have any bald patches and it's not noticeable to others

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Dani’s Story

If there is an option out there to keep my hair, then why not try it?

I am so lucky to have known about Penguin Cold Caps and am thankful to my friend for not only mentoring me through it but also for coming to my house the night before to train about twelve women and men who would be my Cold Cap buddies. They all took turns, two at a time, to accompany me during...

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Pattie’s Story

Overall, I have saved about 65% of my hair

It has allowed me to take back some control over my body.

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Lisa’s Story

I knew this was the fight of my life and I wanted my privacy.

I started doing research and that's when we discovered the Penguin Cold Caps. After several email and phone conversations with a representative in customer service, we were confident that this was the way to go. Today,about a month and a half post treatment, I can proudly say that I still have ALL...

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Kathy’s Story

It allowed me to keep my dignity and self-esteem.

I found out about the Penguin Cold Caps and had eleven of them overnighted to me in time for my first treatment. We keep them in a freezer at home and transport them in two coolers (on wheels) with dry ice. They remain very frozen on the dry ice. I have lost hair on my legs, under...

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Lori’s Story

The doctors and nurses were all very impressed with the results

The doctors and nurses were all very impressed with the results of the Cold Caps. The other patients were very entertained during treatment sessions watching my husband with the gloves and dry ice and then seeing him switch the caps.

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Bonita’s Story

I felt proactive in taking care of myself

I can't say enough about how saving my hair has positively affected me. I felt proactive in taking care of myself. And even in the worst days I could look at my reflection and see me. I know the cost is worth every penny. I love what Penguin Cold Caps did for me.

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