How it Works

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This innovative Penguin Cold Caps reduces chemotherapy induced alopecia (hair loss) by cooling the hair capillaries and reducing the metabolic rate of the hair follicles to a hibernated state, preventing the absorption of chemotherapeutic drugs into the hair bulbs of the scalp.

View the video below to see how Penguin Cold Caps work.

Cap Information

> Penguin Cold Caps are made with medical grade hypo-allergenic plastics on the underside of the cap and have a blue nylon covering. Inside the Cap is a special formulated crylon gel (see cross section drawing below).

> All materials used in the manufacture of the Penguin Cold Caps are approved by the FDA in the USA.

> The Penguin Caps are made to hospital standards, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and can be disinfected.

> The Penguin Cold Caps are robust yet soft and pliable at extremely cold temperatures. They weigh approximately 3Lbs (1.5Kgs).

> Using Velcro fasteners the Penguin Cold Caps can be adjusted to fit all size of heads, and for people with extra thick hair elastic straps are provided to ensure the Penguin Cap is tight fitting to the scalp.

> Research has shown, in excess of 95% of all patients who have used the Penguin Cold Caps would use them again.

> Wearing the Penguin Caps does not restrict the mobility of the user.

> Each Penguin Cold Cap can be applied in 10 to 15 seconds. The hair remains dry.

Penguin Cold Caps Materials