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Cold Cap Therapy & Scalp Cooling are terms used for the process of cooling the scalp to minimize chemical induced hair loss.

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How Does it Work?

It works by cooling the scalp which in turn constricts the blood vessels and minimizes the metabolic activity at the root of the hair into a near hibernated state. These two combined actions reduce the uptake of harmful chemicals by the hair root, minimizing hair loss.

Other Conditions

The use of cooled caps or gel headbands can be used for other scalp conditions including minor injury and migraines.

Worldwide Availability

Penguin Cold Caps provide a portable Cold Capping kit and personalised therapy schedule direct to individuals worldwide.

Scalp Preparation

Penguin’s advanced performance Cold Caps have an efficient conductive surface for transferring cold energy to the scalp.

Hair remains dry throughout treatment.

Cold Cap

Penguin’s advanced performance Cold Caps are pre-cooled before use to ultra-low temperatures using dry ice or a bio-medical freezer. They remain pliable to allow a snug fit to the scalp.

Gel Headbands

Gel headbands are applied to provide extra coldness to the hairline.

Velcro Elastic Straps

Velcro fastening elastic straps are used to reinforce a snug fit.

Crylon Gel

This unique gel remains soft and malleable at ultra-low temperatures, they are energy efficient, retaining cooling capacity for longer.

Cap Material

The Penguin Cold Caps have an outer Velush covering which enables the Velcro fastening straps to fit anywhere on the outside of the Cap. This allows the Cap to fit various sizes of head easily.

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