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Cold Cap Therapy & Scalp Cooling are terms used for the process of cooling the scalp to minimize chemical induced hair loss.

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We are the only ‘Cold Cap’ provider

with Clinical Trials.”

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How Does it Work?

It works by cooling the hair follicles on your scalp, causing them to go into hibernation, and stopping the chemotherapy drugs from penetrating the roots.

The Crylon gel Cold Caps are cooled to the correct temperature and fitted snugly to your head during and immediately after your infusion session. With Penguin Cold Caps, you can expect to save between 60% and 90% of your hair.

What is the success rate?

Most customers retain between 60 to 90% of their hair, which is backed by clinical trials.

The amount each patient loses is down to several factors, including hair type, drug regimen, and the time it takes reduce the toxins in the body after an infusion. By closely following your Personalized Penguin Cold Capping Schedule, you too can save up to 90% of your hair.

Worldwide Availability

Penguin Cold Caps provide a portable Cold Capping kit and personalised therapy schedule direct to individuals worldwide.

Scalp Preparation

Penguin’s advanced performance Cold Caps have an efficient conductive surface for transferring the cold energy to the scalp.

Enabling your hair to remain dry throughout your treatment. Which other providers simple cannot do.

The Penguin Cold Cap System

 is a 3-cap process – two caps cooling and one cap on your head. 

The Penguin caps retain their cool temperature for longer, and this means you don’t need to change them as often as some other providers. This means you don’t need to juggle so many caps, making Penguin a far simpler and less complicated system to use – especially if you’re doing it yourself.

Gel Headbands

Pull the cooled Gel Headbands, so the cap securely hugs the back and sides of your head to provide extra protection for the hairline.  Penguin Caps is the only cold cap system that offers this extra level of cooling power to protect the ‘hard to reach areas’ of your scalp.

Velcro Elastic Straps

The Velcro Elastic straps draw the caps closer to your scalp for an extra snug fit.  

Crylon Gel

Is unique to penguin. Which remains soft and malleable even at low temperatures, they are energy efficient, retaining cooling capacity for longer.

Cap Material

The Penguin Cold Caps have an outer Velush covering which enables the Velcro fastening straps to fit anywhere on the outside of the Cap. This allows our Cap to fit various sizes of heads easily.

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