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Dani Walsh


October 1st, 2015 is a day that I will always remember. I was officially diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. After a double mastectomy in Dec of the same year, I was informed that my cancer was stage 3. I couldn’t believe it. I never missed a mammogram so it was a shock to me that it was that advanced and had moved into 7 lymph nodes.

My Oncologist recommended the “premium treatment” which meant that I would have 8 rounds of Chemo (4 AC and 4 Taxol). My journey was just beginning but I was, and still am, going to face it with as much positivity as possible. I wasn’t going to allow the cancer to beat me down, but rather I was going to kill it with positivity.

The two years prior to my diagnosis I had 2 dear friends face Breast Cancer and Chemo. One of them lost her hair in total and while she recognized that battling the cancer was priority #1, she felt a sense of sadness about looking like a cancer patient and losing her hair. My other friend was lucky enough to know about Penguin Cold Caps and was able to keep her hair throughout her journey.

I knew as soon as I was diagnosed that I wanted to try to keep my hair and immediately reached out to my friend for advise. She then connected me with another friend of hers to lend me her coolers and thermometer. I then contacted Penguin and ordered my caps, and so the journey began.

I’m so lucky to have known about Cold Caps and am thankful to my friend for not only mentoring me through it but also for coming to my house the night prior to train about 12 women and men who would be my Cold Cap Buddies. They all took turns, 2 at a time, to accompany me to Chemo and keep my head frozen. I have found out that I have the most amazing and supportive group of friends and family on the planet.

So, the results? I’m 3 weeks post Chemo. After 8 rounds I would guess that I have kept 70% of my hair. I notice some thinning but nobody else seems to notice. I have naturally thick hair so even with a bit of hair loss, I don’t look like I just finished 8 rounds of chemo. Shedding has slowed down dramatically and I look forward to seeing the few thin areas filling in over the next few months.

Many have asked me why it was so important for me to do whatever I could to keep my hair. I have thought a lot about it and honestly can’t pin point EXACTLY why but here are few thoughts.

  • I wanted transparency with my friends and family. I believe that the energy I got from my circle of loved ones helped me get through the first parts of my journey but I didn’t want to look sick in public. I didn’t want people I didn’t know to feel sorry for me or to wonder if I was dying.
  • Maybe a little bit of vanity. I love my hair and the thought of being bald and spending years growing it back was overwhelming to me.
  • My career. I work with clients in 7 states and had no intention of them knowing that I was battling cancer. Just my personal choice.
  • Why not? If there is an option out there to keep my hair, then why not try it? Chemo changes the way we feel and look. I figured if I didn’t look sick, I wouldn’t feel sick. And it worked! I only missed work on the 8 days of chemo and I traveled within my region feeling whole. Why not?

This has turned into more than just MY journey. I belong to a sisterhood now. By being open with friends and family about my journey and sharing my success with cold caps, I have already mentored and helped someone else use Cold Caps who may not of otherwise known about the option. I feel 100% certain that the choice was right for me and am on a mission to inform as many people as possible about Penguin Cold Caps. My journey isn’t over yet but I’ll go through radiation and reconstruction with just a bit more dignity and control.

My choice to use Cold Cap Therapy made it easier on so many people in my life including my husband, kids and parents. My mom was my # 1 supporter and I am thankful for all she did to make this possible. I don’t care to see another piece of dry ice but if ever I am needed to help someone else go through Chemo with a full head of hair, I’ll be the first to dig through the dry ice and help them with their Cold Caps.

For anyone facing Chemo/Cancer, I wish you a fast recovery. There is light at the end of the tunnel even when it seems so far away. Feb 4th, my first round of Chemo, was scary and it was hard to imagine going through 8 treatments but May 12th came and now I am looking at Chemo through my rear view mirror, with a full head of hair. Thank you Penguin Cold Caps!


Lisa Michalak


There are lots of things a person can say to try to comfort someone who has just been told they have cancer. Unfortunately, no words can provide any comfort to the person who has to hear that dreaded phrase. I learned I had stage 2a breast cancer on November 12, 2015. When my doctor called me, she was relatively calm about it…to me I was being handed a death sentence (I thought the absolute worst).

She mentioned that because I was 29, I would probably need chemotherapy. CHEMOTHERAPY. As if the word “cancer” wasn’t petrifying enough, now I’m on to an even more debilitating word. The first thing that occurred to me when I was told I need chemo was that I will lose all my hair. ALL OF MY HAIR. I was willing to accept that I’ll need chemo, but I was not willing to accept that I’d lose my hair in the process.

So my husband Jeff and I started doing research, and that’s when we discovered the Penguin Cold Caps. After several email and phone conversations with Geralyn in customer service, we were confident that this was the way to go. I read reviews and looked into social media posts and pictures and everyone was saying the same thing — all positive feedback. As treatment got closer, family and friends would ask me if it was a “vanity thing” to want to keep my hair through this experience and I told them it wasn’t. It really was not. I’ve always been an independent person, someone who likes a challenge, fights for what’s hers and doesn’t complain. I knew I had a battle to fight but I didn’t want the sympathy and the “Oh you have cancer” eyes from the people around me. I wanted to be treated normally, and I felt that if I lost my hair, normal life couldn’t happen. I wasn”t accepting that as my reality.

My husband and I knew that this was the fight of my life and I wanted my privacy. The Cold caps gave me the privacy and the confidence I needed to continue to fight through each chemo treatment. On chemo days, my husband and I would march into Sloan Kettering with our coolers packed with dry ice and cold caps, and during my treatments, he would switch the caps every 30 minutes. I honestly wouldn’t have been able to get through this ordeal without him. I thank God for him everyday.

Today, about a month and half post chemo, cancer free, and I can proudly say that I have ALL my hair!! There were some areas of thinning, but because my hair grew even longer during treatment, I’ve managed to cover those areas up and now my hair has started growing back. I feel it getting stronger everyday! I can’t thank Penguin Cold Caps enough for helping me maintain my privacy (and sanity) through cancer treatment. I am truly grateful.


Silvana Scata

I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in March 2015 at 39 years old, as you can imagine this was not something I was expecting to go through at my age. Initially they thought I had a DCIS or stage 0 cancer which would require surgery and only radiation but unfortunately, when they tested my lymph nodes, 1 came back containing cancer cells and now my course of treatment was about to take a different road.

My oncologist recommended 4 rounds of chemotherapy using the TC regimen. I have to admit my first thought was not "am I going to die" but "I'm going to lose my hair". That was something that I just could not face, especially since my oncologist had told me that I was probably cured from surgery alone, why would I then have to lose my hair and look "sick"? Also I have 3 sons aged 11,9 and 6, how could I do this to them, lose my hair and look sick and risk scarring them?

One night while trolling the internet googling side effects caused by chemo I stumbled onto the Penguin Cold Caps website. I was so happy to have found it but being that I live in Perth, Western Australia the most isolated city in the world, I wasn't getting my hopes up that they could help me. I emailed them and they quickly emailed me back that not only do they ship to Australia but they had a representative who lives only a 20 minute drive from my house and I could pick up the caps ASAP.

I started my chemo at the end of May 2015, my regimen would last for 9 weeks. The caps were very easy for my husband and my great friends, who helped, to use and I didn't find them particularly uncomfortable at all, just a little discomfort when I first put a cap on but after a couple of minutes I was fine. My hair has been shedding but my husband, who is a hairdresser, has said its not that much more than usual and although it has thinned a little bit, no one who doesn't know what's going on, can notice. I've had mums from my boys school telling me that they had no idea what I was going through and how well I looked.

Chemo isn't easy and there are days when you feel a little down but I know for sure that those days would've been worse and more of them, if I'd not had my hair. I would also like to thank Fran from Penguin Cold Caps; she was the one who I emailed with and even though she is on the other side of the world, she always returned my emails quickly and always had an answer for my questions. I would definitely recommend Penguin Cold Caps to anyone who was afraid of losing their hair due to chemotherapy.Close

Farrah Zweig

Cancer was my secret. We caught it early, I had a lumpectomy, and then it was life back to normal.... But then I was told I needed chemo, and my first thought was, my hair is going to fall out and everyone will know, from my clients to my friends to my kids. But then someone told me about Penguin cold caps. I didn't know if it was going to work, but I knew I had to try it. Yes, it's about aesthetics, but more importantly it's about self perception. I had cancer, I was not my Cancer and keeping my hair was a huge part of that belief system. It's not just about keeping your hair, it's about keeping your secret and keeping your life as your life. You don't become your Cancer, it's just something you have to get through. Chemo is what I did on 4 Thursday's over 9 weeks, September - November 2014, and then it was over. I had the taxotere and cytoxan cocktail.

We opted for the "hair therapist," initially because my husband did not want to be responsible for this important job, but after our first session we saw how intensive the cap changes, cleaning and storage were, we were happy to have it all taken care of. Yet Michelle, my wonderful therapist, was so much more than that. She truly cared about me, the importance of this process and what it meant to me. Michelle kept me company when my husband had to run errands, brought me an electric blanket to keep me warm, and most importantly - saved my hair!!

If you are wondering whether this is worth it, let me tell you, it is absolutely worth it! Every penny, every uncomfortable frozen minute is worth the amazing result. You know what, honestly, I didn't get that cold. Everyone handles it differently and I was fine. And it's not just about losing your hair, it's how long it will take for it to grow back! I have a lot of long, awesome, curly hair that hits to the middle of my back, where we even needed to make the caps 6 degrees colder to penetrate it all - it would haven take years for it all to grow back. And the first time I had significant hair loss, about 2 weeks after my first treatment, I got a snapshot of what my experience would be without the caps and it brought me to tears.

I am so grateful for the caps and for Michelle.

If you are a mom going through treatment, I cannot express how much I would recommend using the caps. Life went on in my house like nothing eventful was occurring. We celebrated birthdays, went to concerts and soccer games and I could just be mom and wife, and I could just be me. And I would even forget I had cancer." Close

Ellen Ensher


Before Chemotherapy


After 5 weeks after completing 6 rounds of chemo

I am incredibly grateful to Tricia and her team at Penguin for helping me to keep my hair during my recent chemotherapy treatments. My breast cancer was detected during a routine yearly mammogram (I have HERII Triple Positive) and the thought of losing my hair made me so sad. I have medium-fine hair but thankfully a lot of it. The cold caps worked really well for me. I would also highly recommend the professional cold cap attendants as I think their careful attention to detail made all the difference. This was the most difficult time of my life but being able to save my hair helped me a lot. Close

Lori Carmel

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to write a few words about you and Penguin Cold Caps. I was diagnosed with breast cancer January of 2014. Our world as we knew it was about to change. I knew I would need chemotherapy as my cancer had spread to my lymph nodes. Complete hair loss which is associated with chemo was something I was dreading. I didn’t want people looking at me and feeling sorry for me that I had cancer. I wanted to go to the grocery store or out for dinner and feel as normal as possible.My roommate from college researched the The Penguin Cold Caps. Lucky for us, Becka was our local Penguin Cold Cap representative. My treatment was going to start in a few weeks and Becka made everything happen for us so we could have the caps on the first day of my treatment. We met her at Starbucks and she showed my team how to put the caps on and had a list of the items needed for the cold caps. She reviewed the do’s and don’ts when using the caps. She even showed up to my first treatment to make sure my team was doing everything right.The caps are a team effort. My husband, sister and best friend came to every treatment. My husband was in charge of putting the caps on and taking them off. Not only do I credit the Penguin Cold Caps for saving my hair but also my husband who worked hard on chemo day.I did lose some hair but I am here to tell you that the cold caps work and were the best part of my treatment. I was able to keep my dignity. I never looked sick which is so empowering when going through treatment.Thank you Penguin Cold Caps. I feel blessed I was able to use them during my treatment. Close


We are dropping you a line to let you know that it has been just over two years since our last chemo treatment and all subsequent checkups have been clear.

We can’t thank you enough for being such an important and helpful part of my treatment.

The cancer diagnosis is very difficult to deal with and the treatment causes many side effects that the doctors do their best to alleviate. Unfortunately, Hair -loss is not one of them. HAIR is a very important part of my daily life. I am known, amongst my family and friends, for my beautiful hair, (hey, that’s what they tell me), and I am also a professional hairdresser. A family friend told us about the Penguin Cold Caps and we contacted you as the local representative. We consider this a tender mercy within the entire cancer experience.

You were very factual about the caps, and their cost, the procedures and the possible outcomes. This was important as it can be a bit of an investment. You were a source of support as a cap user, a chemo treatment patient and most importantly a cancer survivor. This is invaluable to someone who is scared out of their wits. You came to our home several times and brought, your husband, Hinrich, to help with the more technical aspects of the caps and to lend us a few accessories that would only be needed for the procedures. You also showed up at the chemo center and helped us through our first cap procedures. You were in contact with us after every treatment and checked up on us frequently after (thank you so much!). Your support and caring went far beyond the duties of a product representative, and for that we are eternally grateful.

There is so much more we should say but we hope you know how much we love you.


Carole Krstovich

Penguin Cold Caps were suggested to me by an old friend from Chicago after I called to tell her the news of my recent diagnosis.

After doing my initial research online, I called Becka, my area PCC representative. Even though she was with her family for a vacation, she was cordial and willing to speak to me at length.

Becka volunteered to meet with me so we could discuss all of my concerns which the website could not do personally and to show me an actual Cap. I spent well over two hours literally picking her brain. I was confident upon realizing she had been a Penguin Cold Cap user herself that the investment I was about to make to save my hair would be money well spent.

During my journey using the Cold Caps, Becka was always available to console me, offer me suggestions, mediate on my behalf and reassure me. I knew if I sent her an email I would always receive a response within a few hours.

I do not wish this horrible disease on anyone but I do highly recommend using the Penguin Cold Caps and for me Becka was the primary reason for my positive PCC experience.


Steve Cooper (Ironman)


As a young prostate cancer patient, the thought of losing my hair was devastating. In fact, I had a hair restoration done over 10 years ago because of hair loss. Moreover, I felt that if I could look at normal as possible during chemo that I would do better overall, and would be less likely to get depressed. I also decided to complete a 140.6 mile Ironman triathlon during chemo so I was extremely active during chemo. I even rode my bicycle and ran while wearing Penguin Cold Caps and I am almost three months out from chemo and I am so grateful to report that I had literally zero hair loss! I am so grateful to Penguin Cold Caps and highly recommend their product if you have to undergo chemotherapy.


Brianna Womick

Before - March 2014, After - July 2014
I was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer Valentine's Day weekend 2014 at a very young age. All I knew about cancer was that it makes people sick & bald from the treatments. My doctors worked right away to set me up with my schedule of chemo, surgery, & radiation. I was devastated & felt like my life & career was being ruined. I was determined that if I was going to be sick I wasn't going to look sick. My amazing oncologist, Dr. Philomena McAndrew, is a big supporter of Penguin Cold Cap Therapy. Her office has the Penguin freezers to store the caps for me during my entire treatment & all the information on the company. She told me to call my rep, Tricia Strong, right away. She wasn't sure with the chemo meds I had to be on if the caps would work me but was as hopeful as I was. My meds included 12 weekly doses of Taxol & 4 bi-weekly doses of Adriamycin & Cytoxan (AC). My hair is extremely important for my career, to me personally & spiritually. I'm 1/2 Native American & there is a strong connection to long hair within my family. After contacting Tricia she worked incredibly fast to get the caps delivered to the hospital because I didn't have much time. Tricia was my main cheerleader & supporter, & knew I was going to have success with it. I did everything she instructed me to do & was very strict with myself throughout the whole 20 weeks of chemo & 6 months post chemo. My cap fitters, Ana & Gail, were amazing at teaching my family how to use the caps. They really encouraged me too & were so sensitive, sweet, & understanding. Having all of these ladies & my doctor support me in keeping my hair was the main factor that gave me the confidence to beat cancer & I did one year later with my hair!!!I'm beyond excited. Nobody knows I had chemo & cancer unless I tell them. I want everyone to know about this. Nobody should have to lose their hair with Penguin Cold Caps as an option. It's more affordable than wigs & hair replacement. The difficult & annoying regrowth time that takes years & still requires wigs/extensions is eliminated. Doctors all over this country should be informing their patients & providing them with the access to it. If your doctor isn't aware knowledgable of thistreatment Penguin will be more than happy to talk to them & you about it & get you all set up. If it worked on my silky straight baby fine hair it can work on everyone. Close

Lori Kestler

Before Chemo
Pictures After Chemo

To anyone considering using the Penguin Cold Caps, it is well worth it. The day I found out that I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It truly was the worst day of my life. I was young and healthy and the last words that I ever thought I would hear is that I had cancer. Then I knew that soon enough I would hear those words that in order to live and make it, that I would have to do chemotherapy. For me, my doctor was prescribing 2 of the most powerful forms of chemo drugs – taxotere and carboplatin would definitely cause hair loss. My first thought was that I cannot fight this cancer without my hair. I cannot lose my identity and not be me. My hair was so important to me because I had done some modeling and people would always compliment me on my beautiful hair. To me, this was not about vanity. It was about not letting cancer win out and take something else from me. I was determined not to let that be the case. That is when I knew I had to find a way that I could save my hair. That is when I started researching on the Penguin Cold Caps. I had heard in Europe that they were being used with great success and I thought I have to find out more about them.

I contacted the company – Medical Specialties of California and rented the caps. The representative from the company provided me with names of users in the United States. That is when I came across Shirley Billigmeier’s name from the Rapunzel Project. I called her and she was so assuring that the caps do work. After speaking to her, I felt determined to do everything in my power to follow the instructions with the caps and that is what I did. Before finding the right Oncologist, I had gone 2 different hospitals that were not really interested in doing the cold caps. I felt not at ease with doing the chemo at either hospital. It was not until I found the best Oncologist that I now have that she knew how important it was to save my hair. In fact, she provided me with a name of a woman who had saved her hair with the Penguin Cold Caps. The best part was that she was given the same chemo drugs that I had. She saved her hair.

I want to thank Frank Fronda, Scientist of the Penguin Cold caps for creating the caps. I have completed all 6 treatments of chemo and have all of my hair. I am so grateful to be able to look in a mirror and see myself. I would have never made it emotionally if I had to lose my hair. I do not think I would have ever made it if I lost my hair. I came across some nay-sayers – some Oncologists, some family and friends that would say just get a wig that my hair would grow back. I thought – No Way – Yes, Hair might grow back but never as I would ever have it. I would not be the same person. I would be someone that I did not recognize. I am relieved and grateful that I did not listen to anyone of those nay-sayers. So anyone considering using the caps – it is well worth the effort and time. If you do not want to look like the typical cancer patient with the bald head and everyone knowing that you have cancer. I cannot tell you how nice it is being able to go out and no one knowing that I had cancer. Thank you – Frank


Bonita Weavingearth

After Chemo

The second week of January this year, 2013, was when my team of Dr's advised me of how the cancer would be treated. I was told I would need surgery, reconstruction, Chemotherapy and a years course of Hercepton. The only spark of light in the whole meeting was both the plastic surgeon and oncologist telling me about this way to save my hair, Penquin Cold Caps. My sister, husband and mother were in the meeting. All we could talk about afterward was this spark of hope with cold caps. We came home to my house and got on line immediately to do our research. We found the Penguin Cold Cap site and watched the video, read all the blogs and contacted our representative Trish Strong. My sister Andrea dedicated herself to being my partner to save my hair. We kept saying "no matter what I will still have my hair," I understand that the surgery and chemo are to save my life but saving my hair was about treating a side effect of the chemo, just like other side effects like nausea and diarrhea. It is not a frivolous desire. My research lead me to understand that people receiving chemo in Europe use cold caps routinely as part of the treatment and it is paid for by insurance.

I can't say enough about how saving my hair through the chemo has positively effected me. I didn't advertise my illness and having chemo to every stranger who saw me. I felt proactive in taking care of myself. And even in the worst days of my chemo treatment I could look at my reflection and see me. Among all the other painful, humiliating, powerless moments during treatment I didn't have to heap hair loss on top of everything else. I have come to see hair loss as primitive, backward and cruel. I respect the people who have lost their hair and do think they have courage. I also think that selectively treating some side effects and not others, like hair loss, is a punishment to patients. Someday Penguin Cold Caps will be paid for by insurance. I know the cost is worth every penny. I am so happy that I can walk away from chemo and not have to see a bald head growing hair back for a year and more. I don't need a reminder of my illness it is with me everyday in different ways. I love what Penguin Cold Caps did for me. I feel the cost is minimal a worth it.

Thank you Trish and Penguin Cold Caps.


Lori HalioMagaña

After Chemo

Now you see why my hair was SO important to me. I had stage 2 breast cancer, estrogen positive & my chemo regimen was 4 treatments of Taxotere and Cytoxan.

The Drs & nurses were all very impressed with the results of the cold caps. The other patients were very entertained during treatment sessions watching my husband with the gloves & dry ice, & then seeing him switch the caps….it is a lot of work the day of treatment but it is well worth it. I gave both oncologists copies of paperwork from your website as well as offered to speak with any of their future patients about it. You are welcome to use this as a testimonial & share my information with any of your potential cold cap clients as well & I will do the same.

I think Cold caps can revolutionize the Cancer Industry in America, & I hope the FDA gets on board!! Women do not have to lose their hair during chemo, & that changes everything. We need to make freezers in Oncologists offices the norm here in the states, & make you an international success story!



To All Who are Considering the use of the Penguin Cold Caps, I have put a lot of thought into my testimony and had a really hard time deciding on how to start. When you get diagnosed with cancer you have so many emotions. This continues even after you are done with treatments. So here goes my testimony written with gratitude for the Penguin Cold Caps, compassion, and tears for all who will come after me in dealing with this horrible, horrible, horrible disease called cancer.

I am a Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma - Large B cell survivor. For several years I ate nothing but organic food and am a Polynesian Dancer and a Model. I was 35 years old when diagnosed with hair 3 inches past my waist. My hair is a major part of who I am, especially being a Polynesian dancer. I saw my life crash before me!!!! I wanted to just let this horrible disease kill me!!!! I was in the prime of my life traveling here and there to all tropical islands performing and studying on the islands. I was exactly where I wanted to be in life. I had it all, including the most beautiful hair. I got stopped all the time and complimented I even had modeled my hair for a living at one point in time I was devastated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I went home being diagnosed with cancer on a Thursday, treatment not starting until Monday which I was debating on doing, until I remembered being up late one night watching CNN and they had a special on the Penguin Cold Caps. I remembered thinking at the time, "how amazing; what is wrong with the U.S.? Why don't we have that here?" I had many people in my life with cancer and most had said the hair loss was the worst part!!!! Now I was in this position!!! I remember thinking we are all here for a very short time whether you survive cancer or not we should have the choice to have our hair or not!!!!!!!!!!! We are in the U.S. we have everything, why don't we have this? I was so angry and mad!!! Well I was very sick with not much energy when my boyfriend surprised me with the information to receive the Penguin Cold Caps.

My results were amazing!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!!!!! I did experience some hair loss but it was evenly distributed and no one could tell. I still have my hair now about 4 inches below my waist!!!! My doctors and nurses were amazed at my results, actually totally shocked is more like it. They were also amazed at how well I responded to treatment and bounced back. Well I know why, it's because I got to keep everything important to me!!!! My life, my hair, my career, and most importantly my loved ones. In my heart I truly believe I would not have survived cancer if I was not able to keep my hair. Everyone says attitude is a major part of surviving cancer. Being able to keep my hair kept my spirits high and gave me the energy and courage to keep up my fight. It truly gave me hope!!!!

My medical records after chemo shows and proves no cancer cells got trapped by me using the Penguin Cold Caps. Below are before and after pictures of my beautiful long hair. The picture of me in the black t-shirt was taken two months after my last chemo and as you can see my hair is still beautiful and long.



When I was diagnosed with breast cancer and told I would be receiving chemotherapy, my heart sunk. My first question to my Oncologist was "will I loose my hair?". His answer was yes, my heart broke. My first reaction was "I'm not doing it". Then reality set in. I want to live and I have to have chemo but I want to keep my hair.

About a year before my diagnoses I had seen on television a news report showing ladies that had chemo who used the Penguin Cold Caps and kept their hair. I recalled watching this report and thinking how amazing this is with the hope of me never needing to use them. The name stuck in my head because it fit the product.

I researched the television stations web site looking for this report and googled the name Penguin Cold Caps. Sure enough I found the site and researched the product. My heart became a bit lighter.

With the support of Frank Fronda, my family and friends I used the Penguin Cold Caps each time I received chemotherapy. With each treatment I held my breath hoping that I would wake up the next morning with hair on my head. I did... It worked !!! We did it !!!

Keeping my hair during my treatment for cancer gave me the strength to face each day looking better than I felt. I will always be grateful to Frank Fonda for his invention of the Penguin Cold Caps.



I used the cold caps with very good results. My hair was below my waist, so it would take years to grow back. I had 6 treatments of CAF (cytoxin, adriamycin, & 5 fu). I didn't lose any hair through the first 5 treatments. After the fifth and until about three weeks after the last treatment, my hair started falling out. It was frightening, but actually not bad. The lost hair was mainly thinning - not enough for anyone to notice but me. None of my friends even noticed, in fact many acquaintances asked when I would be starting chemo. They couldn't believe that I had already done it.

The process wasn't bad. My doctor didn't have a freezer, so I froze the caps at home & took them to the doctor's office in a cooler of dry ice. If feels a little like the "brain freeze" effect of eating really cold ice cream at first, but that only lasts a minute. After that it's like wearing an ugly hat for a while. As I recall, I wore the caps for a half hour or so before the treatment started and about two & a half hours after it was done. I had the nurse administer the chemo as quickly as possible to decrease the amount of time it was in my blood stream.

You've probably already spoken with Frank. He's really great about calculating the time needed depending on the type of chemo, etc. and gives very good instructions on how to use the caps. Besides that, he's very supportive and upbeat--just the type of person to be speaking with in this situation.

The best part about the caps is that it was the one part of ME that I could keep. My hair was always a major part of my identity. Through the whole process, most of my life was not under my control. Even though I made the final decisions, it was the doctors who determined the treatment and it was the disease and the treatment that determined what physical shape I was in to do anything else in my life. Doctors have a tendency to see a disease and not the person it's living in. The one thing I could control was my hair. It centered me, gave me focus and kept me from feeling like a victim.



I have breast cancer. In November 2005 I had a mastectomy and 17 cancerous lymph nodes taken out. The cancer tumor in my breast was a stage 3.

4 days before my first chemo session of adriamyacin/cytoxin, I found out about the Penguin Cold Caps and had 11 of them overnighted to me in time for my first chemo. We keep them in a freezer at home and transport them to the oncologist's office in 2 coolers (on wheels) with dry ice. They remain very frozen on the dry ice.

To date I have had 4 treatments of adriamycin/cytoxin and one of taxol and I still have my hair. I have lost hair on my legs, under my arms, nose hair and eyelashes, but still have a full head of hair. Only 3 treatments to go and hopefully I'll be done!

This is truly amazing and had allowed me to keep my dignity and self esteem.


Cathy Sewall

I am so glad to have found the Penguin Cold Caps!  After 3 chemo’s with Taxotere and Cytoxin, my hair looks healthier than before having chemotherapy!

Last Wednesday, Feb. 23, was my 3rd chemo using the Penguin Cold Caps.  All has been going great, and there is only one more chemo left on March 16.

I have 2nd stage invasive ductal carcinoma, have done the surgery, radiation and chemo, and will be on Tamoxifen for 5 years starting next month.

My neighbor also used the cold caps successfully, and just finished her chemo also.  The only thing I am really vain about is my hair, as it is long, very thick, curly and strawberry blonde. I have been getting the word out to as many people as possible about the cold caps, and am thrilled  that the caps are provided free of charge to all EU cancer patients requiring chemo.

Socialized medicine triumphs once again!  Our son lives in France, and has a friend who just finished her chemo using the cold caps, which were a success. Unbelievable that we here in the US aren't even TOLD about this option!  My doctor just mentioned them in passing when we were discussing my chemo.  This should NOT be the case!!!  Everyone with this life-threatening disease has enough crises without losing hair!

So, what can I do to help get the word out?  Your product is awesome, and I am so grateful to have been able to save my hair along with saving my life!




You had asked about my hair. It is looking wonderful, shoulder length and thicker than ever. My hairdresser said I used to have the hair of two people, now it is three people, and takes even longer to do.

I just washed my hair with Kenra moisturizing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. I used those two products all through chemo and had healthy hair. My hairdresser said my hair is in better condition and thicker than ever.

Let Kenra know about my use. I told Shirley yesterday.